Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

It’s Mother’s Day again. One of the worst days of the year for me. I am always made aware of this day two weeks before it actually occurs (thanks commercials!), and then, I swear, I hear “Holes in the Floor of Heaven” every day leading up to the dreaded Sunday.

18 Mother’s Days have come and gone since her death. I was seven when she died, and I am very thankful for the years I had with her, but I’m also frustrated because I never got to know her. So many of my friends are entering that phase where they can be friends with their mothers, starting to know them as real people. Here’s what I know about my mom:

1.She frosted her hair.
2.She liked to tan in the sun with baby oil, frying like a chicken in southern heat and humidity.
3.She wore yellow rubber gloves when she washed the dishes.
4.She must have been a good friend because women were always coming over to wash walls or can beans.
5.I think she was funny. In pictures, her smile looks like she had a sense of humor.
6.She had a bit of a temper.
7.She was competitive in sports (I only know this because Dad told me recently a story about playing doubles with Mom where she threw her racket in frustration).

I have clearly inherited her love of the sun, her humor, her anger, and her competitiveness. Thanks Mom!
Lately, there have been quite a few moments where I would give anything to dial up heaven and talk to her. I’ve wanted to ask her some questions. Here are some things I’d like to know:

1.How do I curl my hair? I am almost 26 years old, and I still have no idea how to make my hair pretty.
2.How do I get spaghetti sauce stains out of Tupperware dishes?
3.How did you deal with losing a baby?
4.How did you and Dad resolve fights? Did you ever want to leave?
5.What was your biggest regret?
6.How did you hold on to your faith in God during the hard times?
7.What’s the recipe for those stuffed shells you used to make? Those were good. I liked them.

I may never know the answers to these questions, and that’s going to have to be ok. I can’t dwell on the past and on the unknown forever. If I’ve learned anything these 18 years, it’s that you have to keep moving forward. So here’s to you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day from Earth.

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