Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm on a Mission.

A house updating mission.

Background: My house is three years old. We've been here for a year, and we love the layout, but the design choices are a little too Home Interior 1990. Last fall, I updated the hall bathroom by ripping out the floral border and painting with a pop color, but I'm becoming restless with my great room/kitchen area.

The design elements that bother me the most are the light fixtures, the lack of va-va-voom in the kitchen, the low faucet, the country style kitchen cabinets, the yucky stick and peel laminate, and the missing crown molding (we would like to get rid of the carpet too, but we've decided we're going to wait on a floor switch until after we have kids and they've grown a little). We also have some outdoor projects that we'd like to undertake. Since we adopted Margot, we've realized how much we would love a privacy fence. We always planned to put a privacy fence up, but we were going to wait awhile; however, we're thinking we need to put the fence up sooner rather than later. We also want to expand our deck.

That's a lot of home improvement, and I have no idea how to hold a hammer!
But I have no fear, and I'm not sure if that makes my ideas exciting or just plain dangerous.

Unfortunately, we aren't made of money, so we're going to do a little at a time. The first and easiest project I want to tackle is the new kitchen faucet. Our current faucet isn't functional. If even one dish is in the sink, I can't fill up my Brita pitcher. So I've decided I want a tall kitchen faucet with the pull down sprayer like this one I found at Lowe's:

After I update the kitchen faucet, I think I want to tackle the light fixtures simply because I hate our ceiling fan and the off center light over the kitchen table. The fan is too low for our ceiling. If you lift your arms to stretch, you hit the light bulbs. That's not cute.

Anyway, I wanted to share my plan with someone. Much more on this later.

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