Monday, June 7, 2010

Jobs in 2010-2011

Let me start by saying I have an amazingly smart group of friends. Pretty much everyone I know shocks me with their intelligence (maybe it's because I'm such an average pants). They're passionate, caring, funny, but I've been watching the FB job related posts, and I can't help but wonder why these people don't have jobs. When the deuce is the job market going to get better? More importantly, how did I land into the lucky mutha' club when there are so many other talented individuals in the same job pool as me?

For any of you out there struggling to find employment, I thought I'd share my job search tips in the hopes that they might help you. Here is what I did to land my current job:

1. I applied to every job in a surrounding one hour radius that had to do with education or with children. So what if my dream job wasn't working the Barnes and Noble children's story hour? Last year, I felt the pressing need to find a job now, now NOW! I think I applied to ten teaching jobs. I literally put an application in at every surrounding school board office.

2. I was friendly, perky even. I let my joy boileth over if you will. I distinctly remember my current boss asking me, "So you want to teach middle school?" to which I replied, "YES! I love middle school" Her response, "Wow. Not many people can say they love middle school." I mean, let's be honest, I would have loved mopping the middle school gym at that point because you know what I love even more than middle school? That's right, A JOB!

3. Which brings me to my next point: be humble. My principal made it very clear that my job might have only been a one year gig. I told her (with a smile on my face) that I completely understood. I explained that I was looking for an opportunity to get my foot in a door, and I didn't care if the job only lasted six months. I explained in my interview that I was from a family of teachers, and I knew how rank worked. I told her I was completely comfortable with taking a position if only for a year.

Part of being humble meant that I take a less than ideal job. I currently drive an hour to work, but I have work that I enjoy (which is apparently better than a lot of people). Instead of complaining, I find an abundance of things to be thankful for like having food.

I believe those three things led to my being hired. Like I said, I'm in the lucky mutha' club. I get to keep my job for another year. Here's why I think the rehired me (and actually stuck their necks out to keep me, but we won't go there today):

1. I show up to work. I give 110% when I'm there because my kids deserve 110%. I say yes to just about any special assignment. I worked after school homework help, I taught Saturday school, I worked town/school partnership festivals, I went on field trips. This summer I'm teaching summer school. I will continue to be friendly and upbeat. I try to take care of my own classroom management problems without bombarding the office with student referrals. I don't watch the clock (although I am counting days until summer break!). Essentially, I want to make it so they can't live without me.

Sadly, the job market is still depressing, and I may only keep my current job for another year, but I've got both my feet in the door. I am constantly searching for other job opportunities just in case the budget really stinks next year. Yes, I may lose my job, but I'm holding on for dear life. If you're looking for a job right now, I wish you speedy employment! Keep your head up; it can't stay this bad forever!


  1. Hi!

    Stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! Keep up the great posts!

    Rebecca (class of '07)

  2. Hey! I just found your blog the other night too. Macon women takin' over the blog world. I love it. :)