Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One Negative Equals Two Positives

What? That's not mathematically correct.
Well, that may be, but just the same that's how I've been running my life recently. This equation situation is how I'm dealing with negativity in my life. I'm going to share this with you in the hopes that the equation might bring you some peace and happiness too.

Alright, so first we need to put on our positive pants and then we need a scenario. Everyone dressed? Ok, scenario GO!

Yesterday morning I woke up and put on one of my new summer tops (yes, one that I just bought a few weeks ago). It's this lovely bright blue color, and I was excited to wear it because I got a new haircut and it's kinda boyish. The color of the shirt really helps bring out my eyes, so like I said I was excited to wear it.

Anyway, I put on my clothes and go to fix my hair and what do I notice in the mirror? My brand new shirt that I've only worn one other time has holes in it!!!!!! Negative! I uttered a cuss word because that's what I do, and then I stormed around the room a little bit and was angry about how changing was going to make me late to work.

But then I gave over to the positives. I wasn't going to be late because the lovely administration where I work was throwing us a lunch, so I could save time by not packing my own. POSITIVE! (Do you see how this works now?) Then I thought to myself "hey, I've got a body to put clothes on and it's pretty rad and healthy" (yeah, I just said rad). POSITIVE!

So yeah one negative equals two positives. If this doesn't work for you, maybe just remind yourself that one minor inconvenience isn't enough to abandon ship. Out of the 25,000ish days we get to spend on this odd little planet, a few bad mishaps make our time more interesting. I personally believe we're all here to learn a lesson or two. Why not use these negative events to teach yourself HOW TO BE POSITIVE:) .

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