Saturday, May 1, 2010

Money Successes and Failures For the Month of April

Well, we've made it to the end of another month and for once I've got more money than month left! My net worth actually GREW in April (I mean, only by like $100, but still). So instead of bogging my blog down with my boring April budget, I thought I'd just highlight my money successes and failures. Let's just go ahead and start with the failures so we can get those out of the way.

*We spent $355 on a lawn mower, gas can, and warranty. I tried to convince the hubs we didn't need a warranty, but he would not hear it. To appease him, I bought the three year warranty which pretty much guarantees that on the first day of the fourth year we will be cussing a broken lawnmower. I mean, that's just the way a warranty works.

*I got my hair cut and splurged on fancy pants shampoo to the tune of $36. On the plus side, my hair looks pretty and my scalp will be flake free.

*I spent $75 on spring clothes and birthday presents for my husband.
Spending outside of the budget topped over $400 this month.

Now on to the good stuff!

*I sent a whopping $15,000 to Sallie Mae this month bringing my total remaining SL balance to just over $24,000. $12,000 came from a tax return and the other $3,000 came from our personal checks. Take that, you money grubbing heifer! It won't be long until you pack up your bags and leave my guest bedroom forever!

*We didn't tap into savings for the $400 of failure stuff AND we sent extra to Sallie Mae meaning somehow we must have made BANK in terms of income this month. I haven't tallied up our total income for April, but I think it's a personal best.

*I frugally made meals this month and I still have groceries left over meaning May's grocery bill will be small.

*We gave charitably this month. Giving charitably is something I want to start doing more often.

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