Friday, May 7, 2010

I Have Exciting News!

I get to keep my job next year!!!!!

I was teaching my first period class when the principal came down and asked me if I would accept a position for next year. Of course, I said yes. They will approve me on Tuesday at the school board meeting. I'm STOKED.

(Let me apologize for any spelling or typo errors because I've had a few drinks this evening, but I just have to share my good news with you!)

I'll be teaching creative writing, study skills, and financial literacy aka PERSONAL FINANCE!!!!!!!!!! WHAT WHAT!! Who knew my little obsession would become profitable? I was immediately filled with a great sense of gratitude, and I quietly thanked God as I continued teaching my first period root words.

Accepting this position means I will be debt free (minus our house) by December! When I originally got serious about becoming debt free I thought it would take me two to three years to complete. I've surpassed my original goal thanks to my husband's hard work and to the little miracles that have fallen into my lap (for example, the extra hours I pick up after school and then also Saturday school).

That said, if everything goes as planned and we are debt free by December, I will be surprising my husband with a Christmas trip. We will be skipping town and enjoying the hot sun on a beach somewhere. I won't tell you exactly where we are going because as I said I want it to be a surprise, but I can promise you that it will be spectacular! I think after a year of frugal living we deserve to have a little fun.

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