Monday, April 12, 2010

Just sittin' around, listenin' to Ram Jam.

I'm actually sitting around listening to Dave Ramsey's podcast, but I've always wanted to write that as my status update.

Anyway, let me get to the heart of this blog post: I think my husband is getting annoyed by my aggressive debt payoff plan. He's very polite about the whole thing, but I can tell that our tight budget is getting to him. I set our fun money (or as I like to call it "blow" because even though we would never ever ever ever do drugs, I like joking about having a line item in my budget for "blow") at $50/2wks.

And now to reveal what the hubs and I fight about most: fast food.

I am a good cook, and I make dinner most nights. Unfortunately, Mr. Wooks is working nights for the time being, so he is out the door for work before I'm home. He sleeps so late that he feels like he only has time to grab fast food. (I don't understand this thinking at all because, I mean, isn't it just as easy to put some leftovers into the microwave on nuke for two minutes?)

We have a little side bank account that had about $150. I was hoping to use that money for gifts for the next year. I hadn't voiced this to Mr. Wooks because the money hadn't been touched in so long. It was literally growing dust. (Lesson learned: talk about money, even little bits of money.) So I get the banking statement and hubs has spent $80 on fast food in a two week period. WTF mate?! That's a lot of quarter pound cheeseburgers.

So I plead my case: what happens when the $150 is gone? Are you going to put burgers on credit?
His case: I've always eaten a lot of fast food. It's a bad habit. It will take awhile to break. I promise I won't put it on credit.
My case: You might as well eat your own scat because fast food is so bad for you.
His case: I move.
My case: You don't move enough to burn 50,000 a day! I need you to live for a long time!
His case: Silence. Shut down mode. End discussion here.

Rest argument for three days. Come back. Resolution? We've decided to half the $50 each two weeks. Previously, the $50 was sitting in an envelope. I must say that most weeks I spent more than half of the $50 because Mr. Wooks works so much, and I like to meet up with my gal pals when I get lonely and bored. I think splitting the $50 outright will be good for both of us because it'll make us more aware of what we're spending our money on. If we want to go out to the Japanese steak house, we're gonna have to pool our money to go. I think wanting to go out with me on dates will keep him from blowing cash flow on Taco Bell and it will probably keep me from buying things like candles (because I spend my money on stupid stuff).

This week I've been trying to make easy food for him to take to work, and so far he hasn't spent any money on fast food.

Now if we could only karate chop the rest of this debt. . .

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