Monday, March 22, 2010

Paid off my first student loan!!!!!!!

Yes, yes I did. $7500 on two and a half months bringing in about $5000 a month. We killed that sunnofabiotch.
I'd like to thank:
My husband who has made many sacrifices to help me pay this monster off for helping me save a few dollars on stuff I buy regularly anyway
Cash because credit just makes it too easy to buy stuff
Money Matters for keeping me focused
My creative imagination for imagining that each payment is chopping a video game monster (rpg style)
Dave Ramsey who taught me the snowball method

Now, I only have one more small loan to pay off and then I can tackle the mega monster known as Sallie Mae.

To celebrate, the husband and I ordered Papa Johns. I hope to stand before you at the end of April and say "I paid off my second student loan!" No debt will be camping out in my extra bedroom.

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