Sunday, March 21, 2010

I bought a new shirt!

I'm excited. It's a short sleeved floral blouse that I can wear to work and at home. I've been wearing sweater sets to work, and the air hasn't been turned on yet, so I pretty much sweat it out everyday at the front of the class.

Unfortunately, I felt a little guilty for my purchase when I got home yesterday. Number one, the shirt wasn't on sale, and as someone who has started clipping coupons, buying a non-sale item made my eye twitch a little. Number two, I found myself having a mental pep talk as I used to do when I had a shopping problem. Here were the voices in my head:
"You deserve this!"
"You haven't bought clothes in almost 7+ months"
"You can't sweat to death in sweater sets!"

Oh yes, the voices in my head were in over drive. Then there was another little voice in the background:

"The debt is yours."
"Your husband has been living on your frugal budget. Is it really fair for you to continue spending when he so willingly gives to the debt repayment?"

And so, I came home and discussed my guilt with the hubs. In good husband fashion, he told me I shouldn't feel guilty. I asked if he ever felt bitter about having to live tightly. He said no because he hasn't ever felt the need to buy a lot of stuff. He did say that when he wants to buy something, he feels like he should be able to do it because he wants for so little. I agree with him.

So I told him that I wanted to give him the whole of next week's fun money. He told me he didn't want anything, but I know that he likes to get his lunch at Taco Bell when he's not working, and I want him to be able to do that.

I think I wouldn't feel as guilty about buying the shirt if I had a line for clothing in my budget, but I don't want to make a line item for clothing because we so rarely buy clothing. I also don't do a line item for gifts because gifts come from our fun money as well. I'm sure some people will say that not having these items included in the budget is a serious flaw, but this works for us most months. I guess I'm just feeling especially guilty about being the debt holder. Poor Mr. Wookie didn't incur the debt. I did.

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