Friday, March 19, 2010

House Projects

The hubs and I have been living in our house for about seven months now, and I have to say that we love it. It's only two years old, so there isn't much that has to be updated. Now, they did put some cheaper flooring down in the bathroom and kitchen, but I can live with it for the time being. Honestly, the flooring doesn't bother me.

That said, we do have some updating that we want to do. Here was the list at the start of the new year:

1. Build a shed
2. Buy a lawn mower
3. Expand the deck
4. Get a new kitchen faucet (I found one at the Restore the other day for $25... I'm not buying one right now, but it's good to know I can get a deal when I'm ready)
5. Expand the flower beds
6. Cut the pipes in the front yard

When we first moved in, we painted the living room, the kitchen, hallway, and the guest bathroom. I still need to get one more bucket of paint to go over the living room/kitchen/hallway trim. For now, the paint looks fine, and I'm living in the house, so if it doesn't bother me, why should I care if there is a smidgen of white paint next to the ceiling? Exactly. I shouldn't.

Well, just last week we finishing building our shed. (I say we when really I mean my fantastical father-in-law and my hubs, although FIL did 3/4th of the work). I'm so impressed with the way the building turned out. It matches the house perfectly. (I will post some pictures later.)

Now we're on to the lawn mower, and in typical frugal fashion I've got my sister's husband hunting a used mower for us. The project I'm most excited about, though, is expanding the deck. I lurve spending the afternoon outside when I get home from work. It's probably one of my favorite things to do, and on the weekends I find myself sitting on the deck as well. I cannot wait for the deck to be double the size so I can invite people over the hang out with me. Right now there is barely room for me and the hubs.

Now, we aren't conquering that whole list this year. We probably won't touch the flower beds for awhile because I know from experience that gardening can get hella expensive if done right. But every little improvement we do to the house makes me love it even more. It's our little joyful labor of love, and I'm proud to share it with Mr. Wookie.


  1. I think new faucets are worth their weight in gold. Seriously.

  2. I know! I get so frustrated when I try to fill up the Brita pitcher but can't because there's a bowl in the sink. A higher faucet would mean I could leave my bowl in the sink AND fill up my pitcher.