Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week Three of the February Eat-In

My DH broke the February Eat-In. He bought a pizza at Little Caesar's (which is horrible pizza anyway) one day when I was at work. I should probably be mad at him, but eating in for a whole month wasn't his goal. Eating in was my goal. Plus he paid for it out of his own money, so I can't be mad at him for dipping into non-existent funds either.

The menu for this week looks like this (and no, we usually aren't such carboholics!):
Sunday: Chicken Parm leftovers with spaghetti
Mon: Hamburgers, fries, and veggies
Tues: Leftover hamburgers
Wed: Pizza and salad
Thur: Shrimp Pasta and salad
Fri: Hot dogs, fries, and veggies
Sat: Chicken sammies

See what I mean? It's a carb heavy week, but when I was planning my grocery shopping I saw I had all of this stuff already in my freezer (minus the salad and veggies), so I decided I would eat the cabinets down this week so to speak.

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