Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I had a Moment Yesterday

As you know, I'm currently involved in a "month eat it" at my house. I have planned out my meals for the next two weeks; however, yesterday I forgot about our plan to eat in for the month, and we almost slipped and went out to eat!

Every two weeks, the hubs and I allot $50 for fun money. We've done a really good job with our fun money the past two weeks (only buying a shovel (not fun) and on the last day of Jan. we bought a pizza). Right now we have $14 left over in our fun money envelope. The husband and I were at home, enjoying another boring day in front of the boob tube when I said, "man, I'd love to get out of this house." The hubs agreed, and so we started discussing what we could do. Finally, the hubs suggested a trip to Panera, one of my favorites, and I quickly agreed.

I was just about to put on my shoes when I realized we are still in our "month eat in" phase. I yelled "no!!! We can't go!" and instead we made dinner here. We stopped ourselves from messing up our goal, but it was a close one.

I think this almost slip up taught me a lesson though. Typically the husband and I don't take the time to pause when we want something. Honestly, we didn't need to consider going out since we both decided we wanted to buy small gifts for Valentine's day. Our $14 is needed for gift buying this month. I need to be better at thinking through my purchases, even when it comes to fun money. Sure, my goal is to "eat in for a whole month," but I also have a goal that is bigger than just a month of homemade meals. I want to be wise with my money and pay off my debt. If I can slow down before making a purchase and remind myself of "the big goal," then maybe I can stop myself from making regretful purchases.

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