Saturday, February 6, 2010

Girl's Night In is so Budget Friendly (and fun)

My sister in law is moving sometime this week, so we decided we wanted to have a girl's night before she left. Originally we were going to go out, but the foot of snow put a damper on our plans. Instead of going out, everyone came to my house and we had margaritas and played games.

The great thing about hosting was that everyone kindly offered to bring some food. So really the only expense to me was a pizza (which I already had in the freezer).

I know some people prefer to be out on the town, but I enjoy being a homebody. I don't necessarily enjoy being alone though, so having girl's night at my house was a great compromise for me. If we would have gone to a bar, I would have felt awkward (I'm a married woman after all, and I don't like when sleazy bar guys hit on me) and more importantly I probably would have spent a good $20 on drinks. Instead I only had the cost of the pizza which probably came out to five dollars (but I bought it with my grocery money, so it was kinda like not paying anything! I didn't have to tap my fun money reserves!).

I will say that this is probably the third weekend I've spent at home, and I'll definitely need to get out next weekend. Luckily, Friday is payday so we'll have $50 more fun dollars to spend (the hubs and I budget $50 for fun every two weeks). We're going to buy Valentine's day gifts as well, but we have some money left over in Mr. J's old bank account, so we may tap that to buy two small gifts. In fact, I've been meaning to set up an automatic transfer from our paychecks to his bank account. I was thinking that account could be our fun money/gift account.

So what's on the agenda for the rest of the weekend you ask? Well today I'm probably going to watch a few episodes of House Hunters (provided that they're new episodes) and then when the hubs gets home we'll hang out and maybe play some Mario Kart. He is off tomorrow, so we'll shovel the driveway (again) and maybe watch the superbowl.

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