Monday, February 15, 2010

Fitness Update

My goal to walk at least 12 times per month has not been going so well. The main reason is because the weather here has been sucktastic for about a month. We've had ridiculous amounts of snow, and the wind has been very strong making the air feel even colder than it is. I just can't get motivated to go outside when I know that it's ten degrees out. Sorry. I just can't.

I decided yesterday after watching three hours of t.v. that I have to find some way to get active. I did a google search of ways to be active indoors, and saw two suggestions that were of interest to me. One of the suggestions was jump roping and the other was step climbing. Currently I do not have a jump rope (although I'm seriously thinking of investing one), so I decided to do twenty minutes of step yesterday.

Conundrum. I have no steps in my house.

So I searched from room to room looking for something that could serve as my step. Finally, I came upon our fire safe box. It's about five inches tall, and it's super sturdy. (I mean hello! It's fire safe.) I turned on my DVRed Rachel Ray episodes and got stepping! Twenty minutes later, I was a sweaty mess, but I was proud because I had met my goal. (I also did some sit ups and stretches.)

Today my calves hurt, but I think I'll continue to step when it's too cold to get outside. I'm going to take today off because I think my poor little calves need to rest, but tomorrow I'm going to do another twenty minute workout.

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