Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pioneer Recipe # 3

Mmm Mmm. Shrimp quesadillas.

I had a hankering to try something delicious, so naturally I turned to Pioneer Woman because a. her food is always delicious and b. she gives me a picture by picture account of how to make whatever I'm trying to make. Her food couldn't be any easier to make.

Bell Pepper

Chop up veggies. Cook in skillet. Set skillet aside. Cook shrimp in a Mexican red sauce. Remove from heat and chop up. Put butter in a skillet. Put tortilla over butter. Layer cheese, veggies, shrimp. more cheese, tortilla. Cook. Flip. Remove. Eat.

Verdict: OMG. Delicious. Simple and quick, shrimp quesadillas have been added to my weekly menu rotation along with chipotle chicken. Mr. Wookie agrees: these quesadillas are delish.

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