Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Take a class

One of my goals was to take a class of some kind. I really thought I would be signing up for a cooking class or a pilates class, but to sign up for classes like that you need money. Mr. J and I are on a money freeze, consciously trying to put all extra-dough-ray-me into a savings account just in case something goes a'foul. Cooking classes and pilates classes can cost upwards $50 or more, so I thought it might be better to go the cheaper route and take a class fo' free through my current employment situation.

Right after I signed my teaching contract for this year, I received an email from my principal telling me about an opportunity to take a "Spanish for Educators" class. The course is through the local community college, the school pays for it, and I receive 30 recertification points. Sweet deal, right? All I have to do is show up two hours every Tuesday for six weeks. Even though I'm exhausted at the end of a teaching day, I didn't think I could pass up this opportunity, especially since 40% of our students are Hispanic.

Last night was our first class, and I had a blast! I took Spanish in high school, but I really didn't learn much outside of basic conversational speech (hi, how are you, my name is chica chica slim ashley). Five minutes into this class, and I'm learning about why the school has issues keeping Hispanic student records organized (they have two last names...a last name they use like we do and a last name they use for official government documents...this throws off our system of last name, first name, middle initial.)

I'll keep you posted about all the other things I learn from my class. For now, I'll just cross this goal off my list!

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