Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mmm Mmm Pasta Primavera from Pioneer Woman's Website

I thought I had already written about this, but I guess not. I made Pioneer Woman's Pasta Primavera about a week ago. This is a picture of how it turned out. Let me just tell you, it was mm mmmmm delicious! I left out the red peppers the recipe called for because I'm not real into red peppers. I think next time I will add little cherry tomatoes to the mix because I think a little pop of red hot delicious tomato would be really yummy in this dish.

I give it a ten! A freakin' ten! Mr. Wookie liked it too. Tomorrow night I'm making chicken, and I think I might make the sauce from pasta primavera to put on the chicken. I'm all about experimenting in the kitchen these days, although I did have a negative encounter with three pie shells this weekend that I'd rather not talk about.

So if you're interested in this dish (and you should be!) you can find it on Pioneer Woman's website. TTFN!

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