Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Update: Girl's Night Out and Reusable Bags

I didn't mention my trip to the movies last night in my post because I was so upset, BUT I did fulfill my "girl's night out" quota for the month. B (bff 1) and B squared (bff 3) went with my to see Confessions of a Shopaholic at the cheapo theater. I had such a good time! I thought the movie was very funny, although the talking mannequins added an element of terror to the otherwise upbeat, chic flick. My friends and I must be the only ones in L-Town who have a sense of humor because everyone else was surprisingly somber. Its not even that Confessions is all that funny, but I generally like to giggle at anything and everything... so there you go.

I also filled half my quota for reusable bags. I went to the Food Kitty and bought macaroni and cheese fixins. I'm having a "girl's night in" for dinner tonight (doesn't count as a dinner party because I didn't send out formal, paper invites. I'm very particular about what I mean by formal).

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