Sunday, March 20, 2011

*Mic Check*

Is this thing on?

First, let me apologize for going on a three month hiatus. I am going through a redirection period in my life. Without going into details (for fear of hurting the guilty), I've moved to a new town on my own. (I do have the love of my life, Margot the wonder dog, with me.) I have a cute little apartment a few minutes from work, and I'm making friends and thriving.

I've been thinking a lot about happiness lately, and I'm realizing that happiness is not an end result but rather the journey. I don't want to focus on reaching the summit and miss the hike. As goal oriented as I've been in life, I'm learning to relax and take each day as it comes. I may wake up alone in my bed, but there's a tub of strawberries sitting on the table callin' my name and mine alone. Abundant rays of sunshine cascade through my windows filling my house and soul with light.

Naturally, my blog needs to change. Many of my goals were founded in someone elses happiness, and that has to change. What I've decided to do is to continue the Gratitude List I wanted to begin at New Year. I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to God for His amazing supply of gifts. So stay tuned for my Abundant Life: a 1000+ Gifts.

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