Sunday, March 27, 2011


Happy Sunday! #11 I am thankful for Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Swirl bread. Currently, this is the breakfast of choice for me. It is delicious. #12 I am forever grateful for my two siblings. I don't think they will ever know how grounded and sane they have kept me over the past twenty odd years. #13 I am thankful for my students. I desperately want children, and in the meantime they are a good substitute. Whenever I feel sad about not having my own family, I remember that God has entrusted me with 300 little buggers to teach, minister, and half-raise. Plus they make me laugh. and I LOVE to laugh. #14 I am grateful for church. I love starting my week off feeling uplifted and refreshed. #15 and along those lines, after church lunch with some of the best people you will ever meet.

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