Friday, December 10, 2010

Bah Humbug Goals!

As the end of the year quickly approaches I've realized I am slackin' on the 25 goals I wanted to accomplish in 2010. I have nine goals that have yet to be completed, and still yet a ton on the original list that I have postponed until I'm debt free (THIS MONTH! WHAT WHAT!)

I could have accomplished watching a play at the Barter this weekend with some new friends, but unfortunately I had already commited this weekend to another friend's Christmas party (which I know is going to be epic and full of tacky Christmas sweaters. Huzzah!), so I had to decline the invite to see "It's a Wonderful Life." :(

I had planned to read "Gone with the Wind" this month, but I'm a little wrapped up in my first read through of Harry Potter. The little wizard boy has finally caught my attention, and Scarlet somehow pales in comparison right now. Plus I'm really into self-help books/blogs right now, and they are cutting into my extra reading time.

Alas, my sister and I have not had our toes painted mostly because I haven't had the cash flow. I'm hoping over Christmas break she can carve out a nice afternoon to go get her tootsies painted with me. (She deserves a relaxing afternoon without her five children!)

I feel satisfied with my accomplishments for the year, and I still have 409 days left to go before my challenges expire, and I only have 32ish goals left to complete! If I fail, I can always make another list and try again! :)

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