Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fire On The Mountain! (and no, you don't have to run from it)

Let me introduce you to my new best friend, Fire on the Mountain, or, in some circles of acquaintance, Mountain Fire. Before this morning, I'd never seen this beauty. How is it then that I now have one achin' to take root in my flower bed? Welp, today I went to teach my summer school hooligans as I have been for the past week. When I walked into the office to make some copies, I noticed this little plant's brother sitting in a plastic bag on the floor. I was instantly enamored. I sought out the plant's owner and asked where I could find my own Mountain Fire.

I drove out to the nursery and knocked on the garage door of the store. From the outside, you couldn't even be sure anybody was working. There were no lights on, and no other vehicles in the parking lot. I timidly walked through the door and found an older couple sitting at a table. I explain that I had been sent by a friend to find a certain plant. He told me they had lots of them and then he graciously offered me a ride on his golf cart. The nursery had hundreds of beautiful plants, and I'm not sure if I liked the plants as much as I liked the sweet owner, but one thing is for sure:I will buy from them again in the future.

I picked out my specimen from about a dozen others and made my long commute home while periodically glancing over my shoulder to make sure my plant was still upright. If you know me, you know I hate a bloomin' bush. Most of them look cruel. They have scratchy briars and are no friend if you have to weed around them. This bush, however, is stunning. Let me show you a close up.

What I love is the variety of color. The new lengths are such a lovely red color, the old parts are a light green (almost lime) color, and the oldest parts are a rich green. The bush will be my last addition to this year's flower bed. Next year, I am planning on expanding the bed in a circle like shape to distract from the hard line of my house. Here are some pictures of my completed flower bed.

I think the shepherd's hooks are just darlin', and I plan to switch out the plants in the fall and winter (I'm thinking about hanging ghosts for Halloween and wreaths for Christmas). I bought these little plants at Walmart because they were on clearance for $3 a piece. I may move them inside and hang ferns on the hooks next summer.

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