Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wahoo! Personal Best at the Grocery Store!

I'm such a dork, but I want to admit my secret to you:

I make a game out of grocery shopping. The goal? To spend the least amount of money and still eat well for the week.

Last week, I spent $51 at the grocery store. I thought this was a good amount, but this week I blew $51 out the water! I spent $40.08 on groceries for the next week. You're probably thinking all I bought was bread, cheese, and Hamburger Helper. Well you are wrong. Here's a breakdown:

  • Two Banquet Meals (salisbury streak and turkey... the only boxed dinners I like)
  • Two boxes of broccoli and cheese
  • A big box of chocolate pudding
  • Sandwich meat
  • Chocolate poptarts
  • Fudge Rounds
  • Spaghetti
  • Milk
  • Dr. Thunder
  • 4 Campbell Soups
  • Pack of Chicken tenders
  • Pears
  • Bananas
  • Bag of Potatoes
  • Bag of Bagels
  • Sister Shubert Rolls
  • Bread

This may make me look like a carboholic, but part of the reason I didn't spend as much this week is because I still have some veggies from last week. I have a head of fresh broccoli, a can of corn, and a can of green beans. I also didn't have to buy a lot of meat this week because I still have a lot of frozen hamburger meat.

Meal planning is key to my frugal success. Here is what we're eating this next week:

Tonight: Spaghetti and meat sauce

Sunday: Hamburgers, veggies, and fries

Mon: Leftover Hamburgers

Tues: Banquet turkey, veggies, rolls

Wed: Leftover turkey

Thurs: Chicken dinner, broccoli, rice

Fri: Leftover chicken

Now, I understand some people can't do leftovers. Personally, I don't mind two days of the same food; however, I have a hard time with more than two days of the same food. For example, last week I made veggie soup. We ate it for two days and there was about one bowl of soup leftover. I had to take a break from veggie soup for a day. I eventually ate it, but I had a hard time swallowing it down. (I think I'm paranoid that food refrigerated for more than two days is bad.)

Lesson learned? Make less food when you cook. A lot of recipes make enough for 4-6 people. I've started cutting recipes down so I don't have a ton of leftovers. This helps me make better use of my meat too because we all know that meat is the most expensive part of your grocery bill.

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