Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring is My Lover

Yesterday I went with my in laws to visit my sister-in-law in North Carolina. While everyone back home was dealing with yucky rain, we got to spend a beautiful day sitting outside of a hip little bar/restaurant. I had such a blast strolling around the streets and, of course, playing cards.

Last night the time changed, and although I feel like a truck has rolled on top of me, I woke up STOKED to see the sun blaring into my window at 8:47 am. For awhile there, I was convinced the sun had forsaken us. For a good three months, the sun packed her bags and gave a metaphorical "F you" in the form of dark skies and snow. But one of us must have bought her a makeup gift, because she is out and bright today!
Here's my game plan for this lovely Sunday afternoon:
1. Walk, walk, and walk!
2. Hit up the grocery store with my $40 (the hubs got paid Friday but the blooming office people decided they would all peace out before 5 o'clock. Thanks, thanks a lot.)

3. Put the bike, Christmas tree, and storage containers up in our brand new shed

4. Spend some time reading on the back porch

5. Have a nice dinner/spend some time with the husband before he goes to work tonight

Wherever you are and whatever you're doing today, I hope you get to enjoy a beautiful spring day too!

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