Sunday, January 24, 2010

Goals for 2010

Since I've put my travel goals on hiatus, I've put together a list of goals (most of which are on the original 101 things list) to accomplish this year. Should I pay off the student loan debt early, I will pick back up the travel goals. Right now, I'm not hopeful that I will be able to do that because I'm quitting my job to go to grad school. I will continue to work, but I won't make nearly the amount I'm used to. My hubs will pay all our regular bills and I will put my entire paycheck to the loans.

So here's my list of 25 goals for 2010:
1. Pay down $20,000 of my student loan debt (I reached my goal, and now my new goal is to have the remainder of my SL paid off by the end of December.)
2. Take a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway and have a picnic
3. Go to a flea market
4. Send poetry to lit mags
5. Read 50 books(Currently reading numbers 8 and 9)
6. Get a pedicure with my sister
7. Babysit my sister's twins
8. Shop at a Farmer's market for veggies
9. Try 6 more recipes from Pioneer Woman's website
10. Eat in for a whole month
11. Take a bike ride
12. Run 3 miles
13. Camp away from home
14. Visit Travis
15. Visit Maw Maw
16. Bake a pie
17. Take my nephews to the park
18. See a play at the Barter Theater
19. Read Gone With the Wind
20. Change a tire
21. Purchase Christmas for an angel tree child
22. Get all my books from the library (or from gifts) instead of buying books (because I spent a hefty amount on books last year!)
23. Walk 12 times a month (I had a goal of three times a week, but I wasn't keeping up with that. It's been really cold here, so I think 12 times a month makes more sense because I can pack all my walking into a warm week)
24. Husband's choice: Visit Amy in Kansas (road trip!)
25. Have a cook out

There they are. The 25 goals for this year. And here's hoping that we pay off my loans quicker than expected. Debt free is the way to be!

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