Friday, January 29, 2010

$20,000 Debt Pay Down

My big goal of 2010 is to pay $20,000 toward my student loan debt before Oct. 1 of this year.

Shew! Even the sheer number makes me woozy, but then I log in to, and I'm sickened by the amount of interest that I owe just from this month. How is it possible that I owe almost $200 in interest over a 30 day period? This is cruel and unusual. But I got the debt by going to college, and I am thankful for my education.

So today I made my first payment of 2010. Drum roll please:

I sent in a payment of $2547 which decreases my total goal to $17,453.00.

Go me! In 4 months I can say I paid off one of my college loans (I owe $7500 to the Department of Ed. and I'm paying it off first), and then I can really get started knocking down my Sallie Mae debt.

Here's a true story: every time I send in a payment, I imagine the principle is a giant rpg video game giant. My payment is a giant chop or punch or kick (or all three put together), and slowly but surely I am killing the mega beast! Take that, biotch!

That's all for tonight. Please excuse any spelling or grammar errors in this post. I'm pretty ill, and when I get the ill I get the dumb. Night night!

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