Monday, August 31, 2009

Day with my Niece

Long story short, my sister had her twins very early, and she's been in need of child care, so I volunteered to watch my niece over the weekend. I ended up taking her to see the movie Shorts which was actually pretty funny.
After the movie, we walked around the mall, and I took her to Claire's (the ultimate little girl store) where she bought two bottles of lip gloss, mp3 jewels, and nail art. Next, we stopped by Wal-mart where I bought a few groceries, and she got some candy. Finally, we ended up at my house where I cooked breakfast for dinner (who doesn't love pancakes?!)
I enjoyed spending the evening with her because we don't often spend a lot of one on one time together. Normally we are surrounded by her brothers or we are out with my sister. It was nice to talk with her without any interruptions. She's such a fun kid.

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