Monday, June 29, 2009

Relay for Life

Over the weekend, I participated in Relay for Life. For those of you who don't know, my mother died of cancer when I was seven. I've been to Relay for Life a few times in the past, and every time I go I am so moved. I feel blessed to live in a community where people are willing to take a large chunk out of their busy schedules to raise money and awareness.

I only stayed until midnight this year (I'm a newly wed...cut me some slack!), but I walked about 6 miles. My knees were aching by the end of the night (and for the next few days). I've learned an important lesson: no need to speed walk! I kept wondering why I was passing people left and right. I was passing them because they were pacing themselves! I should have been pacing too!

My favorite part of the night was the survivor walk. I was moved to tears when I saw how many lives in my own community have been affected by this disease. I was also proud to see when of my childhood friends. She was an organizer of the event this year, and she battled cancer as a child. She is such a kind, funny, and beautiful young lady. I know her family must be very proud of her.

Speaking of proud, I think my own mother is proud of me. I may walk for selfish reasons (to give myself a piece of mind, to remember my mother), but at least I can say I walked!

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