Friday, May 1, 2009

SBC Update

For those who are close to me, you know I frequent the nest boards. The book boards have a book challenge going on right now where you can earn up to 425 points, but since I'm in school I felt like setting the 425 goal was a little much. Instead, I set a 100 point goal! Yay me!
So far I earned:
25 points reading The Five Love Languages (book outside of genres I normally read)
5 points reading Something Blue (book with a wedding word in the title)
15 points reading Oscar Wao (Pulitzer Prize winning books)
5 points reading two of the American Girl Doll books (young adult ficiton)
10 for The Unvanguished (war book)
for a total of 60 points! I'm more than halfway there.
After reading the two American Girl Doll books that brings me up to 17 out of 60 books that I wanted to read in 1001 days.

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