Monday, May 11, 2009

Organizing and Decorating

Today I went to the Wally World to spend my gift card. I had $50 to spend, and I was going to spend it!

I started down the kitchen supplies isle because I wanted to buy new kitchen rugs. Mr. J's kitchen rugs were really dirty from tracking in dust from his old job. I found this stack of squishy kitchen rugs in a variety of designs. Some had roosters, some had a vineyard motif, but finally I settled on a pretty apple/straw design (I will post pictures later).

Next I went to find some artwork to hang in the kitchen. I really wanted a nice apple painting of the green and yellow variety, but there was no artwork what so ever. The only apple thing I could find was an apple clock. It was cute, but we already have a clock in the kitchen, so I passed on it.

Instead of buying something for the walls in the kitchen, I bought a big mirror to hang over the love seat in the living room. It was one of the better homes & garden's mirrors. The best part? Only $20! The one I found at Target that was similar was $50. I'm very proud of myself for finding such a steal.

The last thing I bought was a garter for my wedding. Yay!

I had calculated in my head that everything would come up to $45, but the rugs ended up being on sale, so my total only came to $36. I couldn't think of anything else we needed at that time, so I decided not to run frantically around the store looking for items to bump my total up. Instead I will keep the remaining balance to help buy some groceries next week.

So I haven't completely finishing decorating a room, but the living room is pretty darn close. I only need one more piece to go above the couch, but I'm going to wait until after the wedding to get that.

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