Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Magazine Subscription Setup Complete

I meant to check this off the other day, but I went ahead and setup my magazine subscriptions. I ended up getting Glamour and Oprah, but I'm thinking about getting one more. I'm not sure which one though. Probably an artsy one like a writer's magazine or a scrapbooker's magazine.

I decided to get magazine subscriptions because Mr. Wookie and I have chosen not to get cable once we're married. Cable is like $80 a month or more (in order to get all the good channels), and we really don't want to be t.v. hounds (he already spends enough time playing games on the t.v. screen). I can catch up on the shows I do like either by watching them online or by getting them through netflicks once I setup that account.

I got two year subscriptions for both for a total of like $35. Insanely cheap. Having magazine subscriptions is a much better use of my money and is more in line with my goals.

One more goal completed!

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