Sunday, May 3, 2009

Girl's Day

Last night I ended up going to Roanoke and spending some time with one of my best friends. I got to see her new house (which is really great) and meet her roommate/roommate's friends (really fun people). We went out to the coffee shop around town, and then she took me to see that star on top of the mountain. (And apparently there was some church revival cult situation visiting the star too. very odd bunch of people.)

Picture of the Roanoke Star. Gaudy, but pretty.

This morning we got up, and we were going to go to the new art museum, but I realized I had to be back on campus for a res life event, so instead we grabbed a delicious bite to eat at the Cracker Barrel, and then I drove home.

The thing I love about this oldest friend is her attitude. She is such a positive person. Her upbeat personality is contagious (like swine flu), and I love her for it. Also, we can go weeks without seeing each other and pick up where we left off like no time as passed. She always has great advice, and I feel like I can tell her anything and she won't judge me (too hard at least).

So I can check off "spend a full day with a friend." Even though this goal is finished, I think I'll be visiting again real soon. The thing is we're both trying to make new friends outside of a school setting which can be really hard especially in small towns. Its like there aren't any 22-26 year olds! I'm not sure if they are hiding under rocks or if they've all gone to D.C., but wherever they are they can't be found in SW VA. Oldest friend and I have decided to establish a monthly visitation rotation where I will visit her one month and then she will come visit me the next month. We're also starting a scrapbooking club which will be excellent.