Monday, April 27, 2009

AFI 10 top 10 Update

My friend and I watched Vertigo tonight. I hope the rest of the movies on the AFI list aren't as creepy as that one! The music was very eerie, and I will probably be sleeping with my light on tonight. At least I can check another movie off my list.

Review: (Spoiler Alert!)
I thought the plot was ok up until he finds Jane on the streets and starts to make her into Madeline. He requests that she change her hair to match Madeline, wear the same clothes as Madeline, and visit the same places he visited with Madeline.

Now, I know that Jane is allegedly "in love with him," but as a woman living in 2009, I was disgusted by her willingness to do whatever he said. Emotional abuse anyone? Plus, she was a criminal, and the ending didn't satisfy my desire for justice.

4 movies down, 6 to go!

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