Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today was a big day for my 101 things!

Shew! I've been a busy duck these past three days. I graduated on Sunday, moved on Monday, and had a job interview this morning! I just don't know how I found time to:
1. try a recipe from Pioneer Woman
2. Walk somewhere I would normally drive
3. Get a library card

First, the recipe from Pioneer Woman.
Wowzers. I made her Pasta Primavera, and it was absolutely delicious. Mr. Wookie liked it too even though the dish didn't have any meat in it. I think next time I will cook the onions a little longer because they had a bit too much of a bite. All the other veggies were AWESOME. I took out the peppers because I'm not a big fan, and I was going to add tomatoes, but I forgot. After eating the dish, I think the tomatoes would add a nice little pop of flavor to your mouth...and I just love a cherry tomato. I took a picture of my yummy dish and will post it as soon as I finish unpacking / find my cords.

Second, I walked to the library, a place I would normally drive. It was a lovely day out, so I decided to walk the short three blocks.

Finally, while I was walking to the library and decided I might as well get a library card, so I did. I checked out two books (a Stephen King and a David Sedaris...both for the SBC).

That's all for now, folks!

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