Monday, April 27, 2009

The List

I started composing my list at 12 o'clock last night and created 65 things before falling asleep. I completed my list during my two morning classes (I know, I'm such a slacker. I graduate in two weeks, so I feel justified in moving on with my life. Creating a list of goals is a healthy endeavor!)
The hardest thing about composing the list was being realistic. There are so many places I want to visit around the world, but I know that I won't have the money in the next 2.75 years to take trips to Italy and Greece, so I came up with cheaper, but still fullfilling goals.
So here it is. My list. I've broken it up into seven categories based on common themes.

Things I've Yet To Do
Things in Progress
Things I've Done

Take a drive on the Blue Ridge parkway
Visit my brother in KY
Go to a flea market
Go to a local festival
Document my 101 things in Scrapbook or blog form
Go to the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra
Update my recipe book
Participate in Nano Wrimo
Apply to an MFA Program
Send poetry to lit magazines
Setup a Netflix account
Setup my magazine subscriptions
Get a library card
Donate to the college
Try something new on the Kabuki menu
Write often
Visit the new art museum in Roanoke
Join a club or take a class (pottery, cooking, whatevs)
Watch AFI’s 10 Top 10 (Snow White (Best animation), City Lights (Romantic Comedy), The Searchers (Western), Raging Bull (Sports), Vertigo (Mystery), The Wizard of Oz (Fantasy) , A Space Odyssey (Sci-Fi), The Godfather (Gangster) , To Kill a Mockingbird (Courtroom Drama), Lawrence of Arabia (Epic))
Read 60 books in 2009 (60/60)
Earn 100 points for the Nest’s Spring Book Challenge (currently at 270 points!)

Have a girl’s day out once a month
Spend 30 minutes each day with J man once we're married

Send out Christmas cards to friends
Go see a concert with Mr. J
Spend the day with a friend
Go to a sporting event with dad
Play a board game or cards with Mr. J once a week

Make a new friend
Take my niece on a girl’s day out

Visit my grandmother
Decorate a real tree for Christmas with Mr. J

Shop at the farmer’s market
Have a cookout
Try 10 new recipes from either from a cookbook, online, or from a family member (10/10)
Try 10 new recipes from the Pioneer Woman’s website (6/10)
Go on a picnic
Eat in for a whole month
Host a dinner party
Eat at a new restaurant
Make a traditional Thanksgiving dinner

Have a yard sale
Donate yard sale leftovers
Send out wedding thank you notes
Buy a washer and dryer
Create a “nest egg” (original goal was $5,000, currently at $7,100!)

Pay off ¼ of student loans (have since paid off waaaay more than 1/4!)
Pay off living room furniture
Organize my books

Use reusable bags at the grocery store at least twice a month
Make the extra bedroom into a guest room/office
Buy a new entertainment center
Walk somewhere instead of driving
Legally change my name and address
Get artwork for the living room, bedroom, and kitchen
Throw out superfluous papers
Spend gift cards

Plant a flower garden
Update my wardrobe
Find a job with benefits
Get a new dwelling (house, apartment)
Take a walk three times a week
Participate in Relay for Life
Get a new hair style
Gain 5-10 lbs

Get a massage

Replace judging thoughts with positive thoughts
Change a tire

Visit the Grand Canyon
Take Jeff to D.C.
Create a 1000 item gratitude list
Visit 3 new states
Go camping away from home
Join a small group at church
Visit Amy and Tony in Kansas
Volunteer at the Christmas Store
Paint the extra room
Open a Roth IRA
Read 25 books in 2011
Take a romantic weekend getaway
Witness the Chincoteague pony swim
Watch the sun rise on the beach
Go to the Barter Theater
Visit a Writer's house
Buy Christmas for an angel tree child
Make a college scrapbook
Read Gone with the Wind
Complete a wedding scrapbook
Get a pedicure with my sister
Babysit my sister's twins
Eat dinner at The Homestead
Bake a pie
Put in a fence
Update Passport
Start a baby fund ($5000)
Get a full set of china (4/8)
Run a 5k
Expand the deck
Take a bike ride
Attempt to ski
Write twelve poems


  1. You're doing great!

  2. You can cross of #26! And I can totally help you with #91 and #96. I love to ski!

  3. And you should have had a goal "Inspire someone else to create goals and a financial plan"!

  4. Lets go skiing! I think this is the year. I've still got lots of sick days, so if I break my leg I can skip school!